The Year of The "Triple Threat" Sales Team

Date: Thursday, January 26
Time: 10:00am PT / 1:00pm ET

3 Science-Backed Techniques Your Team Needs to Drive More Pipeline & Close More Deals in 2017

The curtain has closed on 2016. If you hit your sales targets, you most likely are being asked to do even more this year. If you missed your numbers, the pressure is on to make sure it NEVER happens again. To have a quota-busting 2017, your salespeople must master three value conversations that drive quality pipeline and close more deals.

Make 2017 the year you build a “Triple Threat” Sales Team! Join Tim Riesterer, co-author of The Three Value Conversations and learn the science-backed techniques that will dramatically improve your sales team’s fluency at each of these three critical moments of the sales cycle.

You will learn how to:

  • Create value by overcoming your customers status quo and creating differentiation
  • Elevate value by delivering proposals that pass muster with executive decision-makers
  • Capture value by protecting profits, expanding deal sizes, and avoiding unhealthy discounting

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