Remote Selling is Required

The Remote Selling Survival Kit

Now that you can’t meet in person, remote selling is required if you hope to hit your quota.

But many sales reps have quickly found that selling on screen brings some unexpected challenges:

  • Your presence is reduced to a thumbnail image on a computer.

  • You're competing for attention with a highly distracting screen environment.

  • Your sales deck becomes the focus—it’s no longer the backdrop for an in-person conversation.

  • Best case, research shows that your audience will only remember 10% of what you show them after 48 hours.

In remote selling conversations, your presentation needs to carry the day. Your sales deck needs to engage your audience, hold their attention, and deliver a highly memorable message that inspires decisive action.

In this toolkit, you’ll get four science-backed resources to help you master remote selling conversations:

  • Impossible to Ignore E-book – the art and science of engaging and memorable content

  • Remote is Required Infographic – science-backed tips for remote selling presentations

  • Virtual Just Became Vital Webinar – get the keys to a great remote sales presentation in this webinar recording

  • Mastering Remote SellingTM Solution Brief – all about the brand-new remote selling training course, delivered online

Make sure your sales deck is built to win the remote selling moment.
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