becoming a memorable marketer

Eighty percent of the sales cycle now takes place in digital or remote settings, according to industry analysts. That means it’s now up to marketing to move buyers further down the funnel—up to and including the point of decision.

But how can marketers, who have historically focused on brand awareness and top-of-funnel demand generation, rise to this new reality?

Our neuroscience research shows that the primary factor driving buying decisions is memory. Your buyer interacts with your marketing content in one moment, but they decide to purchase later on. That means your messages, content, visuals, and stories must all be memorable enough to influence buying decisions.

In this webinar with Leslie Talbot, Chief Content Officer and SVP of Marketing at Corporate Visions, you’ll learn four science-backed skills that marketers need to become memorable enough to influence buying decisions:

  • Messaging – Use situationally specific message frameworks designed and choreographed for maximum impact

  • Content – Bring your messages to life in your presentations, landing pages, and other content assets

  • Visuals – Create powerful, memorable designs that spark action

  • Storytelling – Wrap everything in a compelling narrative and build the best stories for memory, decision, and action