Better B2B Conversations: Working Backwards to Get Marketing and Training Aligned

August 27 at 1pm est

In order to have the right conversations, sales teams require the expertise of both the training and marketing departments, but they need them to be aligned to the same goals. In most organizations, however, training teams and marketing teams are siloed with one providing techniques and the other providing messaging. This lack of collaboration leaves sales teams unequipped to close the volume and size of deals that they should and ultimately negatively affects overall company revenue. Are your messages, tools and training reinforcing or conflicting with each other? Join Tim Riesterer, co-author of “Conversations that Win the Complex Sale” and chief strategy officer for Corporate Visions and guest speaker Scott Santucci, Forrester principal analyst serving sales enablement professionals in a live webinar designed to help you:

  • Learn what training is saying, what marketing is saying, and what the REAL issue is
  • Prepare your salespeople for the critical conversations they need to have
  • Understand the data that reveals why this matters so much to your organization
  • Fix this complex issue with real world solutions

    This is a live webinar that will not be available for rebroadcast so join us on August 27 at 1pm est.