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The Three Value Conversations and Conversations That Win the Complex Sale
4thValueConvoBook_HeroBanner.jpg THE EXPANSION SALE
Customer Success has exploded as a new and exciting discipline over the past several years, and the wave of attention continues to grow.

Analysts estimate that existing customers represent 70-80% of company revenue and profits.

Yet, very little purposeful effort has been aimed at customer expansion as a growth engine. Most companies simply don’t see the need to differentiate their sales and marketing messaging for key customer expansion opportunities, like:

  • Renewing your customers
  • Communicating price increases
  • Convincing your customers to expand
  • Regaining trust after a service failure

Backed by an unprecedented depth of research to decipher what motivates your existing customers to buy, this book reveals rigorously tested and proven messaging frameworks that will fundamentally change how your organization approaches sales and marketing conversations.

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Erik Peterson, Chief Executive Officer at Corporate Visions, helps companies and salespeople around the world win at the three-foot level when they’re sitting across the table from their most important prospects. Peterson is a recognized author, keynote speaker, and has trained thousands of sales teams in some of the most prestigious companies around the world. He is co-author of two books, including Conversations That Win the Complex Sale and The Three Value Conversations.
Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy and Research Officer at Corporate Visions, is dedicated to improving the messages marketing creates for the field and the conversations salespeople have with prospects and customers. A visionary thought leader, keynote speaker, and practitioner with more than 20 years of experience in marketing and sales management, Riesterer is co-author of three books, including Customer Message Management, Conversations That Win the Complex Sale, and The Three Value Conversations.
The Three Value Conversations
How to Create, Elevate, and Capture Customer Value at Every Stage of the Long-Lead Sale
The Three Value Conversations provides the tools and methods you need to differentiate you and your solution from the competition, elevate value to the right decision maker, and maximize all sales opportunities across the entire long-lead buying cycle.
Conversations That Win the Complex Sale
Using Power Messaging to Create More Opportunities, Differentiate Your Solutions, and Close More Deals
In Conversations That Win the Complex Sale, you’ll learn a proven methodology for engaging your client through compelling storytelling that ensures you stand out at every touch point in the sales process.