Executive Roundtable Discussion

Does Marketing & Sales Alignment Matter?



of best-in-class companies report
they have strong Marketing and
Sales alignment.

So what? Does Marketing and Sales alignment matter when it comes to company performance?

Can you prove that your cross-functional processes and messaging have real, quantifiable business impact?

This is why we've put together a panel of industry experts for three regional executive roundtable events. The panelists will discuss how to define shared processes, create cross-functional content, and measure whether your Marketing and Sales alignment initiative is having an impact.

During the 2-hour event you will:

  • learn how Philips was able to tame Marketing and Sales
  • see how the 3rd party measurement experts from Beyond ROI are helping Philips create a C-level-worthy business case by measuring the impact of alignment
  • hear the analyst’s perspective from Aberdeen, who just released their Marketing and Sales Alignment report

This is not a session where you'll learn how to calculate the ROI of sales training. What you will learn is how to align Marketing and Sales from an organizational perspective, and how to build a defensible business case for working together.

Registration is complimentary, but seating is limited, so pick a city near you and register today!

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Registration is complimentary


April 25, 2012
Boston, MA

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